Discipline Interactive
Client Schoolproject
Year 2017

With the problem of forgetting to drink up my tea or coffee while working hard, I came up with a solution. The ForgetMeNot coaster for coffee or tea. When you place a hot cup of coffee or tea on the coaster, the coaster will turn red. But when it cooling down, it will slowly change the light to blue. In this way, the coaster acts as an indicator of the temperature. And it gives you a signal whether your cup of coffee or tea is too hot to drink or it's getting cold and you shouldn't forget your drink. The ForgetMeNot coaster is made with Arduino and is 3D printed.

Color indicator

Through the color indicators on the coaster you could see when your tea is hot or getting cold.

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From what I learned over the year I changed the hardware from quick circuit to a circuit soldered on a circuit board

Forget Forget