Drink organ

Collecting cups and making music


Client: Welcome To The Village
Team: Bernadet Kruidhof, Eva Cremers, Titik Wahyuni, Wilco van der Leeuw
Role: Research, Prototyping, Electronics & Arduino, Interaction design
Year: 2016

Event organizers struggle with it every time. How do I get it greener? The thousands of visitors leave behind a huge pile of trash, mountains of plastic cups, crockery and food scraps at every event. But how can we positively influence visitors to deal with this waste consciously? For festival Welcome to the Village me and my team were asked to design a solution for this waste problem.

We did user research to the target group. Things what they found import at the festival was good music, being with friends, having new experiences, and having fun. We chose to tackle one of the biggest polluters, namely the waste from plastic drinking cups. We translated this to a concept where we listen to the problem and the user. In the Netherlands, you have the typical street organ who makes music. With on the wooden cylinder you have metal pins to control the organ's music. What if those pins were holes, in which plastic cups can be collected, but also directly music can be made as a street organ.

So to say, why not create a drinking organ. You can put your empty drinks in a hole of the organ and the organ will then make a sound. Each hole has its own sound. In order to stimulate people, it will make as a whole a music piece, if it’s completely full. Friends could do this together with each other and party at the same time on the music. It will mean a new experience. So don’t throw your cups on the ground, but make together a music piece with the drinking organ. And that they did. Young and old, people were dancing, turning and mixing. And a lot of cups were collected at the end.